WELCOME - Our company offers a lifetime of protection for the items that your company, organization, team, family, or friends want to preserve. Laminating not only preserves, but also protects and seals from the destructive effects of air, humidity, dust, and temperature. Like the old time craftsmen, we assure quality, craftsmanship, and personal attention to every detail of each of our wood plaques. Many options are available for you to customize your wood plaques and service is our goal.

Laminate your favorite sports event the next day to preserve the feeling for years to come. Our sports plaques will be conversation starters and permanent reminders of that special day. They make great gifts for the hard to shop for sports fan. Come in today to see what we can do with your favorite sports page.

A unique alternative to awards or trophies, trophy plaques allow you to preserve team pictures and customize your team awards. We have many styles, wood grains, and colors to choose from at excellent prices.

Preserve your precious paper items in a hand-made custom plaque. Diplomas, awards, newspaper clippings, photographs, announcements, mottos, and invitations can be protected against the effects of air, humidity, dust, and temperature. Keep newspapers looking crisp and white for years to come. These will be treasured gifts for team members, friends, family, and co-workers. Highlight your organizations' accomplishments and proudly display them in a custom plaque.